Discussion Rules for Forums, Groups and Comments

Please take a few moments to read the rules governing forum discussions, group discussions and general comments. Your continued use of this website constitutes your acceptance of these rules.

  1. Treat other members with the respect they deserve. This should go without saying, but treat others like you would like to be treated
  2. The forum’s primary language is English. Please only post in other languages in the very rare cases where it is appropriate to do so.
  3. Please do not spam. The definition of spam is an irrelevant or advertising post. Any post considered spam will be removed.
  4. Please do not post your text in all CAPITALS since this is considered to be shouting and is not necessary.
  5. Please refrain from posting images larger than 800×600 in size. This is considerate to members with slow internet speeds, and keeps the forum looking tidy.
  6. Insults, flaming and personal attacks against discussion participants and moderators will be not tolerated.
  7. Please be considerate in language you use in discussion. We appreciate that the site is intended to foster political discussion which sometimes results in emotions running high. Swearing isn’t prohibited, but please do not swear unnecessarily, excessively or gratuitously.
  8. No hacking, and illegal activity or material, such as torrents and illegal downloads, this will not be tolerated, and if appropriate, may be reported to local authorities.
  9. Please do not post inappropriate material, it should be obvious what we mean by this. If you or other people would not feel comfortable viewing it at work, or in front of children or parents, don’t post it here.

What happens if I break the rules?

Depending on the severity of the infraction, a different course of action may be taken, but the usual practice is as follows :

  • For a minor infraction, the problem may be corrected by the moderators, and a message may be sent to the user. Typically, no further action is taken.
  • For a more serious infraction or repeated minor infractions, a warning will be issued. This will be recorded against your account, letting us know you have broken a rule and been informed of your infraction.
  • For a very serious infraction or repeated infractions after a previous warning, you may be banned from the site – either on a temporary or permanent basis at the discretion of the moderators.